Monday, February 14, 2011

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Shag Style Challenge

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! I suppose today is as good a day as any for me to make an attempt at my first blogspot post. Today's topic is shoes! I came across these Jeffrey Campbell Lita Shags while I was busy building lists and adding new products for Spring to my Kaboodle account.  

I thought they were especially interesting, so I threw down the gauntlet and offered a "style challenge" to my friends over at Kaboodle to see what they could come up with as workable fashion solutions for the Lita Shag for late Winter or early Sprning or eve Summer. Here is my original Blogazine post over at Kaboodle Who Can Make It Work? Seriously!?.  While the design is distinctly in the Lita family the furry nature of these JC beauties is a bit unique from the typical Jeffrey Campbell fare this late Winter to early Spring.  Anyway, we had fun and below are the results.   

FYI The Lita Shag is available for purchase at Solestruck and Karmaloop for those who might be interested.  It comes in four colors, a creamy white, a tan, a taupe with black, and Limited Edition Black version. The Shag is basically a Lita form with a cute lace up top (upper).  Love it or hate it, the fun lovers who pick up a pair will be sure to get some second looks and some comments, for better or for worse.  So what do you say, would you wear Lita Shag?  I'd like to see them live and in person on someone's feet but I'll be they could be really cute.

This is what they have to say about the Shags over at Solestruck
"Yep we went there. We took the LITA and made it shagtastic!! Crazy, furry, and completely wild, the LITA SHAG is a statement making shoe that only the most ballsy of fashion-fiends will be rocking (and rocking hard we might add)! Love that vintage fur coat? Get some shoes to match!! We could all use a little more SHAG in our lives. Available in three fabulously furry incarnations. 5" synthetic heel with 2" sole."
The Lita Shag sells for $164.95 for any of the White/Beige, Tan, and Taupe Black. Karmaloop has three three colors plus the Limited Edition Black for $172.00. I guess we'll see within a week or two who really does have the "balls" to take there fur babies out for a ride. So without further ado, since I put forth the challenge to my friends to style some outfits with the Lita Shag I got to be judge. I thought we had some really workable and cute solutions, several as a matter of fact, but I could only choose three and these were my winners (no prizes just recognition and pats on the back). These three were chosen from a larger group, so I gave the rest honorable mention. The entire pool of entries I had to choose from is shown below the winning entries and the award of merit, and the honorable mentions ..

1st Place "Only Fur U" by Chicmom

Only FUR u.
Only FUR u. by chicmom

2nd Place "Beautiful" by Ajohns

Beautiful... by ajohns

3rd Place "Live Laugh Love" by Sweetkristen 

Live Laugh Love
Live Laugh Love by sweeetkristen

Honorable Mentions:

Edited to add my intended AWARD OF MERIT for the most hilarious of all the entries entitled "Trouble" by markblemish. Let's just say if you're old enough to remember James Kirk era  Star Trek (or you happen to be a Trekkie), you'll remember the Trouble With Tribbles episode and get it. lol

Trouble by markblemish

Thanks everyone at Kaboodle who participated, it was fun!

Lita Shag Challenge: Who Can Make It Work? Gallery
grhawaarh! by hollywallygator
The Impossible... by markblemish
faux paws by markblemish
The Island of...
The Island of... by markblemish
Blech. by mollyjotx
Put your best... by chicmom
Fur-ever in... by chicmom
Furrrrocious! by luv2kreate
Decisions... by luv2kreate
Only FUR u.
Only FUR u. by chicmom
Black & White... by chicmom
Poodle-ee-doo! by chicmom
Shaggy... by earthangel67
Sugary Shag
Sugary Shag by earthangel67
Ziggy Shag... by luv2kreate
Live Laugh Love by sweeetkristen
Beautiful... by ajohns
Lita Shag... by stelllar
Faux Peep by miss_daphne
The Sheep Child by markblemish
Shag Boots -...
Shag Boots -... by sorapandora
Shoe Chalange by lissln
Boho Shoe... by londonrain
Shag Shoe #2 by artisangoods
Counting Sheep by emiliemarie713
Shoe Mini...
Shoe Mini... by artisangoods
The Furry Shoe by marisas
Shaggy Powder... by earthangel67
my boot fur... by cowgirlkodie
Somebody Loved by ajohns
Shag Shoe... by bb60477
Deer John by portlandnaturalbeauty
Challenge... by jessruby05
Trouble by markblemish

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  1. Great blog post! (I had no idea how people were supporting html in their kaboodle blogazines because I tried it and it didn't support it in the preview and I didn't want to make a post with a bunch of html coding and no pictures. I'm guessing it works even though the preview doesn't display it properly?) Anyway, can't wait to see more blogging from you.