Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Cure for the Common Cold - Part II

In my last post I featured some cute new items picked up at ModCloth to help build a Spring and Summer wardrobe. Of course as fate would have it I got a Modmail shortly after placing that order about a Secret Sale that lasted only a couple of days - maybe Tuesday to Thursday as I recall. They had a couple hundred or more select items at 50% off. My heart started beating really fast lol. I mean, I love ModCloth and check their site out every day. There was no way I could resist perusing the sale. Lo and behold two pairs of shoes I had been coveting and lusting for but couldn't afford (or just had higher priorities) were in the sale - at 50% off - OH MY GOD. It was my chance to get a pair of $260 Swedish Hasbeens AND some gorgeous Jeffrey Campbell sling back peep-toe kitten heels I've liked since last Fall. They had a size 6 in both. I hurriedly plopped them into my shopping cart as I can't always tell at MC what's going to sell out fast. Then quickly explained the situation to the hubbs who rolled his eyes (he wasn't buying it was a one time opportunity) and said okay. I made my purchase with the excitement and anticipation of a little girl getting her first ballet slippers or tap shoes. (Hum, to be honest I wish I had all my old tap shoes I might be inclined to wear them for entertainment on occasion lol.)

The next thing I did was send a note off to my friend Amanda on Kaboodle who has also been lusting for Hasbeens. She is of Swedish heritage so much more deserving than I am but I'll be happy to go toe to toe with her on styling them lol. I thought Amanda was going to hyperventilate over the news and off she went to check out the secret sale. Anyway it all panned out we both got our Hasbeens and some other stuff.  Here are my new drool-worthy shoes ... drool-worthy to me at least and it's my money and taste so that's what counts :=D

Yesiree I am tickled pink you could say. Hopefully I'll get over my insecurities and ineptitude and snap some photos of these shoes and my new clothes with me in them. It's just a little intimidating when the vast majority of fashion bloggers are gorgeous young women! But part of why I want to do this is I think there is a void in the fashion blogging community for more mature ladies like myself and we may be over 40 but we're not dead yet lol.  We like to be stylish too. I just don't want to be one of those middle aged women who dresses like they think they're still in their twenties. I want to be age appropriate but not dowdy. Still struggling in some ways with exactly what I want my style to be at this age. I'm retired from my career of 20 years and have been for some time, so don't need work clothes. Having focused on my family and raising my five kids for so many years I haven't even thought about style or fashion since my late thirties to early forties. I'm finding my way I suppose you could say, having to redefine myself. And I'll admit I don't like getting older lol, but things being what they are, i.e. I AM getting older. I guess I need to figure it all out. lol

Thank you so much to the few folks who check in on this blog from time to time even though I certainly am not a prolific poster. Hope you'll continue to follow along as I develop it and my own style, and hope you'll find some things of interest and enjoyment even if I'm old enough to be most of you ladies' mom :=P I'm always open to suggestions and fresh ideas!

Happy Easter or Passover whichever you celebrate. I'm boiling eggs as we speak for my dogs. Am going to set up an Easter Egg Hunt for them tomorrow should be festive. ^..^


Friday, April 22, 2011

The Cure for the Common Cold - Part I

I would really like to get my blog here going for real but am juggling a ton of things right now and I can't manage to give it attention on a daily basis. One of these days it will happen - but I do have a post for today believe it or not! I've been miserable all week with a really nasty head cold. Some retail therapy kind of did the trick of cheering me up, but alas it did not clear up my stuffy head. A girl can hope some day soon to be able to breathe through her nose again.

Anyway I had NO cute Spring/Summer shoes to speak of so earlier this week I bought two pairs of shoes - a wedge in neutral color and some adorable print booties in white and pink - and a cute little paisley sundress, and a darling pair of cream colored fishnet tights with a design down the middle of outside of leg - so cute. The booties might be a little juvenile looking for me but they are so adorable with the rose print on white background I just love them. I bought all of these items from ModCloth. I'm a very happy camper. Stay tuned to part II of my shopping adventure -- items from the ModCloth's secret sale this week :-)  The email for it went out just after the purchases you see here, but talked to hubbs and well you'll find out later. They had items I'd practically be lusting for at 50% off so what choice did I have? haha


Have a great weekend everyone.

p.s. - I keep messing around with the templates and color scheme of the blog, etc because I haven't really found anything I'm crazy about yet -- so trying things on for size (pun intended). I am totally open to suggestions but right now I don't have time to custom create a banner hence using the stock stuff provided here.

-Kel xoxo