Sunday, May 15, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers

What an appropriate title this is. I believe it rained here in southwest Ohio twenty days in the month of April and we broke the record for rainfall. I am so sick of mud I can't stand it. We've continued to have quite a bit of rain in May but I'm hopeful that won't continue as I love the month of May and am looking forward to getting my tomato plants and some marigolds and impatiens in the ground.

I wanted to participate in the FLORAL challenge for EBEW aka Everybody Every Wear on May 10th but stuff happened and I wasn't able to, so I decided just to take some outfit photos in what I had planned and post them to my blog anyway. I shamefully used our little dog Viggo to increase the cute factor and get more attention that way haha. What can I say wherever we take the little guy he's like a chic magnet.

I just adore the floral pattern and colors in this dress and it gave me an opportunity to wear my new Swedish Hasbeens that I got for 50% percent off at Modcoth during the secret shopper sale a few weeks ago. AND it also gave me the opportunity to show off my winter skin in a whiter shade of pale ;=P Yeah we need to get the boat put in and start enjoying the sun -- if Mother Nature makes up her mind and decides that Spring or Summer - whichever - is here to stay awhile.  Please forgive my messy bun I didn't have time to do anything exciting with my hair.

My darling photographically challenged husband, Rick, took these photos. It continues to be a bit aggravating coaching him from afar and trying to pose at same time but I do believe he's starting to understand my camera and heavy zoom lens and he's getting better at holding it steady and waiting for it to focus before he takes the shot. One of these days I'll be able to afford the $300-500 tripod I need and I'll be able to do it myself. In the meantime he's doing okay at it and I should avail myself of the help because he'll get tired and disinterested soon and then I'll be on my own.

Dress - ModCloth
Swedish Hasbeen shoes - ModCloth (50% off)
Earrings - Kohl's
Bracelets and Necklace - Aunt Charlcia's jewelry box
Sunnies - gas station

Thanks for reading <3. I don't post daily but hopefully soon I'll be able to post more often than once every two week lol. It just is what it is .. I have a lot of responsibilities that take priority over play time ;=P

-Kelley xoxo


  1. still rockin' that floral dress,Kels!...said "still" cause left you comment at K...*smile*...some snazzy shoes and cute poses...tell hubby he did some good shootin'!...housemates out of town again since Fri. and am on pet duty...5 dogs (including mine)+ 6 cats,so been busy to say the least...they return tonight so I best get to cleaning....have a good one,my friend!

  2. C'mon Gayle play dress up with me =P It's kind of good for the soul I think lol. Thanks for commenting I appreciate and I LOVE YA. When are you moving back to the PNW?

  3. amazing dress. it's not vintage...? ok. it's modcloth. :)

  4. I ADORE that print. I have seen some super incredible purchases from the modcloth sale, but yours is spectacular.

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  5. You look lovely and Viggo is such a cutie!

    Hehe, you should tell your hubby that it is a treat for him to take photos for you cos he also gets to keep looking at how pretty you are in your outfit. :)

    The Cat Hag

  6. you are Beautiful!!! i'm loving your blog and im happily following :) this is a great dress, you look great!!

  7. amazing! simply amazing. i love everything style and photography.

  8. i love that brilliant floral dress! great detailing, and i love your elegant hairstyle! =)

  9. I already told you how awesome this post is!!! You're so pretty and I adore that colorful dress. Especially the back!! I just woke up like 1 half second ago (I actually sleep with the computer at my side, so that when I wake up, I can mindlessly stare into it like a lunatic).... I wanted to tell you that I had the SCARIEST DREAM EVERRR!!!!!!!! Your comment on my blog was the first thing I saw, so I feel compelled to tell you haha. I'm seriously going to msg it to you on kaboodle. I must be a serial killer to have thought up this dream hahaa It's about th fab five contest and I"m scarred for life hahaha.

  10. Your dress is GORGEOUS. I love the floral print. And I love the puppy butt. So cute.
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  11. i love this dress!! you look amazing :)

  12. You look so adorable, lovely dress & shoes! Don't apologize for such a pretty bun, I love it. :) Your little Viggo is so cute, I have a male chihuahua who is also a chic magnet, LOL!

  13. Great outfit!! I love your dress!

  14. i really love your floral dress and yellow shoes dear, they are so lovely. you look adorable wearing them. i love your blog! happy new year and have a great year ahead, xx

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  15. Love this post^^ You have such a great blog!

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